Poems by Kelvin Ling

Faith With Works

Faith without works is dead
That’s what the bible said
A word of love, a word of care
A word of comfort for those in despair
Stretch out our hands
All across the land
With the love of God
We will do His work
Let the grief, His joy receives
Let the weak, strength He gives
And the hungry, we shall feed
Care and share
Our God declares
We will serve, honour and obey
Our loving God without delay
Work with faith
With faith we work

Healing Touch

I pray for your healing touch
To heal my broken heart
Pain inside my heart, I lives
Refusing all attempts to leave
Only Your Healing Touch
Can make this pain depart
From inside my heart
For I truly believe
The power Your touch can give
Yes, I want Your Healing Touch
To heal my broken heart